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Michiko Yoshino Vocal Workshop Presents
Spice of Life - concert-Vol.53

2019.Dec 1st(Sun)
PIT INN shinjyuku
Phone 03-3354-202

Show start 0:30pm- 5:00pm. 
Music Charge ¥2,000

with Satoshi Obata(Piano) Keiji Takeda(Bass)
Daisuke Yoshioka(Drums) and  special guests
Directed by Michiko Yoshino


Mystery 4 Live at Boozy Muse

2019 December 17th(Tuesday)
At Boozy Musea
Phone 03-3362-4766

1st set 7:40pm 〜
2nd set 9:20pm 〜 
Music Charge ¥3,500

Michiko Yoshino(Vocal) Tom Pierson(Piano) 
Mark Tourian(Bass) Ko Omura(Drums)

Information New!

Live at Hyphen
2020. Feb 26(Wednesday)
Hyphen Jiyugaoka
Phone 03-3723-2251

Open 7:00pm.  Start 7:30pm.
Music Charge ¥2,500
Michiko Yoshino(Vocal) Tomoo YamaguchiGuitar) Keiji Takeda(Bass) 


Vocal Lessons(Jazz,Brazilian music, Pops)
Private lesson,Group Lesson
E-mail bluevega@michiko-yoshino.com


Albums "clear out of this world" and more..Now On Sale !

3rd Album Clear out of this world

3rd Album Clear out of this world

Participation musician
Michiko Yoshino with Greg Hopkins, Bill Pierce, Chris Neville,
John Harrison,Peter Kontrimas, Joe Hunt, Allan Hall

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