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Jazz vocalist, Voice teacher

In my childhood I was influenced by my brothers who were constantly listening to Jazz. Another childhood interest of mine was visual arts. After high school I moved to Tokyo to become independent. I started Jazz vocal training and enrolled in a music conservatory with a Classical voice major. After graduation I went to New York City to experienc the real life of Jazz and Art.

In Manhattan I met many creative musicians and artists,such as Onet Coleman, James Blood Ulmer and so on. They influenced me and made my individuality stronger.

After returning to Japan I started performing at hotels and clubs. In 1984 I put out an album. I recorded original lyrics to some of Eiji Nakayama’s music and started touring of Japan.

After the completion of the tour I moved to Boston to expand my education and experiences. In Boston I attended Berklee College of Music.

After graduation , I started performing around Boston area. Also I joined the Gospel choir in the Newton Mytel Baptist Church. Also, I joined a Classical and Jazz choir.

Feeling good about what I had accomplished I returned to Tokyo in 1992.

2004 I began stdying vocal improvisation with Rhiannon.I have had the plesure to study and perform with her and her students around the world.

I am currently performing, teaching, composing, and producing music.

“In all her singing,Michiko’s voice has a pure, honest quality to it that lingers in your mind. Her approach strips away all pretension to let her voice come out from deep inside, naturally without over-decoration.” 

By Michael Pronko,The Japan Times. Jazznin magazine