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Discography ▶︎ Clear Out Of This World

Clear Out Of This World

Release. 2004.6
Participation musician
  • Michiko Yoshino – Vocals
  • Greg Hopkins – Trumpet & Flugelhorn
  • Bill Pierce – Tenor Saxophone
  • Chris Neville – Piano on 1,2,4,7
  • John Harrison – Piano on 3,5,6,8,9
  • Peter Kontrimas – Bass
  • Joe Hunt – Drums on 1,2,4,7
  • Allan Hall – Drums on 3,5,6,8,9

Produced by Michiko Yoshino
Recorded May13,14, 1991.September 6,10. October 9,1996 at PBS studio Boston by Peter Kontrimas
Remixed July 1, 2004 at Polskie Radio Krakow Poland by Aleksander Wilk
October 3, 2003 at OCM studio,Tokyo by Shunsuke Mizuno
Mastering by Harunobu Iwayanagi
Liner notes by Michael Pronko
Photography by Nobuo Takahashi
Art & Design by Michiko Yoshino

Song list
  1. Clear Out Of This World
  2. Like A Lover
  3. High Wire
  4. Everytime We Say Good-Bye
  5. On The Sunnyside Of The Street
  6. It’s All Right With Me
  7. No More Blues
  8. Infant Eyes
  9. Afro blues

All arrangements by Greg Hopkins except for High Wire by Chick Corea

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Album TitleClear Out Of This World
Product numberBlue Vega Record BL-003
Price2,500yen (Tax In)
PaymentBank Transfer